Nylas Mail 2.0

The next version of the best open-source email app

I'd like to love Nylas, but it's (still) really slow on my 2015 rMBP.
@nscmnto Electron should not go to production
@nscmnto Yeah, I tried it not too long ago and it was unbearably slow. Not starter for me.
@nscmnto I'm not sure what is the problem, for me it's very fast. It's way faster than Inbox.
@_yannbertrand @nscmnto Atom.io is fast on my rMBP 2012 (It's electron)
@eonpilot @_yannbertrand @nscmnto Electron is good for prototyping or creating a MVP, but not the right technology for scaling applications - even though it's widely used. It just draines our devices (RAM, CPU & battery) since it is an entire instance of Google Chrome, just for running - often very basic - applications.
It's so annoying that they don't get their newsletter right. I unsubscribed like a thousand times, even sent them two emails directly to take me off their lists, but still received the newsletter announcing Nylas 2 today. My tip: don't make the mistake to sign up or you'll be spammed until the end of time...
@josef_moser not only that but since I synced multiple accounts to the app, I get 5 newsletters all at the same time from them
@josef_moser so its not just me
it uses more than 1GB of RAM. it's way too much!
@hadifarnoud clocking in at 1.4GB after the update... wild!
I love using Nylas, great features! Only thing lacking is the "tracking" feature - when you go back to read an email you've sent, it will say that they have opened it. Why does it track the sender?
@stefanmiodrag it doesn't. perhaps you opened the email somewhere else.
@hadifarnoud Nope, even if I open it in Nylas mail app, it will instantly give me a notification that it has been opened. I guess it's a bug then ...
@stefanmiodrag it is a bug. Mine works fine. I'm on the old Nylas N1 pro though
I don't get the value proposition on any of these kinds of mail clients - especially when that involves having my mail exposed to additional servers. I tried them all, tried to like them all and have always returned to gmail in browser tabs. Simple, secure and just damn works.