Motion is a tool for creating geometric animations. By using machine learning techniques, the tool generates geometric shapes to fit the lines and colors of your image. Create a stunning animation from still images in just a few clicks!

Alma Rodríguez
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    Easy to use, fast and pretty


    Don't give you the possibility to download image and don't save as a gif

    I used this app and I loved it but when I wanted share via whatsapp I couldn't share properly so is a nice app but is no for me now... testing video

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Hey Product Hunt! We thought you might like this simple tool for adding more pizzazz to your images. Motion is a really easy way to turn images into animated, geometric GIFs. Everyone likes abstract shapes + animated GIFs so we thought, why not combine the two and make it easy for everyone to use it? With Motion, you can make a geometric GIF in just a few clicks! The tech is based off the Primitive library and Geometrize library, both open source on Github. Because the hill climbing algorithm has a random component, we generate a few different frames and then stitch them together for the GIF effect. Hope you enjoy this tool and create some cool content for your next instagram post! 🐱 Thanks, Eric
I like this as another way of creating live photos! Now I low key want to try out this style in my next painting 🙃
@zelena Thanks Elena! Funny, we had that same exact thought about live photos! Haha. What kinds of paintings have you been working on?
@realericlu I mostly paint pictures of Seattle in watercolor or pencil 🙂
this is very, very smart indeed!
@jwelch Thanks James! How do you think we could improve the tool?
App coming soon?
@dean_glas No concrete plans, but we definitely want to! Do you think it would be useful?
@dean_glas @realericlu I think it will be! Majority of images captured by people nowadays are through their phones, having the ability to immediately generate such stylistic post-images will definitely be quite interesting and attractive.
@realericlu Load time acceleration would be very helpful too.
This is excellent. Would love this is a Shortcut in the Apple Shortcuts app. Came across a shortcut recently and can't help but think that the same could be done with this tool. Great job!
@abdulumer_ ooo that's a good idea. I don't have much experience adding it to apple shortcuts though, is it an easy process?