Missive for iOS

Meet the one app for team email and chat, now on iOS

We've just dumped slack and spark for missive and been using the iOS app for a few weeks. It's amazing, the gap between email and slack for us was becoming a real problem, and this perfectly bridges that gap. Well done team Missive!
Writing emails together? /? (/scratches) what? (/head) *.*
@lyondhur Some of our users don't use this at all, some others find it life saving. But mostly... this is for a better UX. When collaborating around shared inboxes like help@acme.com, it's just so immensely better experience to see live what your teammates are writing than seeing something like "Conversation locked, your teammate has started a draft." And having no clue what is being written. Imagine you receive a *hard* customer question, in Missive, you can start replying, and ask teammates for help. You get live comments from them in the right context as you write, because they can see what is going on. If they want to chop in and edit some typos or sentences, it's just added bonus.
Hey hunters! We’ve just released Missive for iOS and are very proud of it. Missive is a full-featured and collaborative email client. It includes everything you expect from a modern email client, including swiping. It even allows swiping multiple conversations at once, as shown in this GIF: We believe Missive is the first app offering this behavior. Is it? Let us know what you think!
@rafbm I can't say that you're the first to offer multiple thread swiping (use it almost every day with on the Polymail iOS app), but this is definitely the first time I've seen collaborative email drafting. What specific use cases do you envision for this feature? Congrats on your iOS launch!
@nickabouzeid Common use cases for Missive are customer support, sales and project management. With email sharing, assignment and tasks, Missive meets the needs of many teams not wanting to split their work across an email client, chat app, help desk, CRM, etc. Collaborative email editing is just the cherry on top. You may not need it every day, but when a coworker fixes a typo in your important email in real-time, it’s a life saver! :) I see what you mean about bulk actions in Polymail. I feel it’s a bit less intuitive and wouldn’t label it as “multi-swipe” though. You must hold a conversation, then select a few more by dragging up or down, then press an action button. Am I missing something?
@rafbm I just use multiple fingers on the iOS app to swipe a few emails at the same time. 😅 Don't think it works on Mac. Cool use cases for the email collaboration, congratulations on your launch!
This is pretty cool and I'll definitely take a closer look. From a cursory view, it will save time and keep context around tasks/actions created from emails. For company administration, this is a time saver. Nice job :-)
Good job Missive team!