Plan, execute, analyze & optimize your marketing is the easiest way to plan, execute, analyze and optimize your marketing strategies and funnel.

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Hello everyone! I am the founder and CEO of I am beyond excited to bring to you the ultimate app to map, configure and manage your big marketing ideas all in a single location. - Plan, Execute, Analyze & Optimize Your Next Big Marketing Idea Let’s face it, a full online marketing campaign is messy and has a ton of moving parts. You need a PLAN that everyone can see, edit, and stay accountable to. Now, you have one place where you can take the great ideas in your head and set them into motion. This is why we made is the only app that allows you to: Map out your marketing funnels Ensure congruence with your marketing message and brand across all your channels Assign tasks to your team Comment and chat with your team in real time Run realistic projections Price your offers correctly for maximum revenue potential Set your funnel live and watch your plans in action with 1 click Set changes live in real time In addition to that, check out our awesome roadmap: Duplicate Elements & Plan Pre-made Funnel Templates Upload/Export Mapped Funnels Global Kanban Live Mode Split Testing Mobile Apps And much more to come… can be your one stop shop for mapping, collaboration, and execution of your big ideas. Got questions? We’re here to help. Also, if you want to reach out, don’t hesitate to chat with us live on our website. We will be there to answer any questions you may have! Looking forward to it, Ty
Hi, I'm the lead developer of I enjoy being an important part of the community and the future of this project, and I always keep our customer's interests in mind. I'm looking forward to taking this app to the next level.
@adam_mpio You turn straw into gold too? Because, you sure turn ideas into something living and breathing ;)
Hi everybody! I'm lead of the customer success team at I enjoy helping users take advantage of this amazing product and seeing what the community can create with it. I look forward to assist with implementing the amazing feedback that would make our app better, and I want to continue helping our users reach their destinations.
@ty_mustafa Head Dev, sleepless, dedicated and driven to make our app releases the best available in their niche markets. What? That's not a bug... it's an opportunity! 😉
@ty_mustafa It's great to see you guys launch on PH, is amazing!

I haven't been this excited over an app / product / software in a very long time. It is a gem. I've jumped onto this ship, and sailing off with it into what looks to be a very, very promising future.


Out the box, it is one of the best, and only tools I have found on the market to allow a team to collaborative work together on a campaign.


Still under development, so a long list features in the works. Can't wait.

What an honor @jonathan_du_toit. Thank you for all the support and I cannot wait to see what you and your team are able to accomplish with MarketPlan
I purchased this some weeks back, I suspect in their launch day. I was happy enough with their closest competitor - Funnelytics - but ways happy to try new tools. I am glad I did. First of all, this solution is a LOT easier to use, to the point of being able to brainstorm in real time with our team and executives. Second, the solution is deadly fast. Third, a great roadmap. Finally, ive received excellent support. I have no qualms about advocating for this product. It's changing how I manage my limited marketing budget. Get it. You won't regret it.
@joe_sweeney2 Thanks for the word Joe! Glad to see you moving forward as you be tactful with your marketing 😄
Love it! Runs really smooth for us at @deer_designer and it's helping us with mind mapping, processes, email flows and lots more! The guys are really responsive and always updating the platform. Keep it up @ty_mustafa 😉
@deer_designer @thiagoafram Thanks so much guys, looking forward to seeing more of what you plan on pushing through MPlan 😃

I can't thank enough to Ty for making this amazing tool. I closed my life's first billion dollar valuation company as my client and one of the crucial part was me using to map out the funnel strategy.


Beautiful App and makes the planning of funnel and marketing strategy a breeze


The Analytics is still under works and can't wait for this to go live in December

Thank you @iuditg We are excited to see so many making funnels and keeping their team accountable. Not to mention all the new stuff we have coming! Be on the look out😉