With Manifestly, your organization will Never Miss a Thing with SOPs, workflows, and recurring tasks. Our Slack integration is the #1 checklist app in Slack and brings our service to where your team is already working. Create checklists, gather data, assign tasks, and automate everything with Zapier and a full API.

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I'm a total convert to the power of checklists since reading The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (great read for entrepreneurs!) --I think that this looks like a genius product for group checklists, and will be looking into it for Fittr! Thank you! Edit: managed to use "convert" twice in one paragraph, smh.
@kikischirr That's how much you were converted!!! :)
My buddy @m5rk came to me with the idea for Manifestly. I have a background in business consulting and non-profit management and know the importance of executing recurring processes - the boring stuff. :) I'm continually reminded of this quote (from a conditioning coach at UW) “The real substance behind excellence is doing the routine things in a very extraordinary way.” I would love to learn more about how @ManifestlyApp can improve things like employee onboarding & training, client onboarding, and other recurring work. Please let us know how we can help.
I love the templates!
I read Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto and I felt inspired to create a service that helped people use checklists effectively. He shared story after story of how using checklists made a huge impact in a wide variety of industries, not the least of which was his own: surgery. I wanted to play some small part in creating the kind of improvements that Atul saw with the Surgical Checklist. So I told my buddy @wiscoDude about it. And we started building it.
This looks very cool! We had created a similar tool last year mainly for internal usage that is more focused on remote employees (http://delegated.io/). If this was already released we might have just used this :)