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What do people think of Fibery?

The community submitted 148 reviews to tell us what they like about Fibery, what Fibery can do better, and more.
What do you think about Fibery?
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148 Reviews
Rudolf Jantos
4 reviews
Awesome idea and I'm testing it out now. Will report back as soon as i get a feel for the system.

Izal Fathoni
Nacasha with Sleepy White Cat
1 review
I use this as my personal All-in-one knowledge platform, I put all my docs, guides, code snippets, personal cases, or anything you can imagine. It is just unbelievable good.

Wolfgang Maehr
2 reviews
Great concept, lovely team. Just keep churning at it and it'll rock.

Tanjir Rahman
I Make Product Video For Brand Awareness
17 reviews
The software development features are great. I can easily create and manage projects, and I can collaborate with my team members in real time. I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use and how much it can do. The research features are especially helpful, as they allow me to quickly find the information I need to make informed decisions.

Yawen Zhang


1 review
My best manager to all

Arthur Pires
3 reviews
It's awesome but it should have some ease of used for common task management softwares like scheduling, recurrent tasks and notifications

Lena Dorogenskaya
Founder at
13 reviews
Yeah! Finally! This was the first use case I thought about AI + work management. No more tedious space settings. I was sure you guys would go beyond the text generation feature.

Duc Nguyen Huu
a duck
1 review
They quickly adapt and resolve the user need. For example: Jira use cases. Most engineer want to stick with Jira, but other business part is not. So, they accommodated by trying to sync between Jira and Fibery.

Aleksey Adamovich

Lead Data Scientist

1 review
I was learning Fibery this weekend and it's amazing. AI Assistant was very helpful to create my first space. But despite the fact I spent a lot of time there I have noticed "Text Assistant" and AI in "Automation". Probably you can highlight them. Looking forward to further updated!

Dark Lord Nightfall

Founder & Leadership at apirateslifeforme

1 review
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