Magically mutes background noise during calls
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327 Reviews
Josh Beard
VP, Marketing Delivery Lead
15 reviews
Phenomenal. Completely eliminates the need to mute during meetings and video calls. Would pay for the technology 10 times out of 10.

Timmy Corini
4 reviews
decent app, subpar support

Anthony A. McKenzie

Founder & Leadership at On The Dot

2 reviews
An awesome noise cancellation solution that has incorporated AI transcription capabilities as a standard feature. This capability is continuously being improved, with summary notes steadily evolving into a very useful function. The core noise cancellation solution works flawlessly, regardless of the type of device you're using (headset, system integrated or accessory). I use this on every virtual meeting/call and the note taking/transcription capabilities are now a standard part of my post call routine to provide an cogent summary of the meeting. Highly recommend everyone to check out this product!

Andres Martinez

Engineering at Wawandco

5 reviews
This tool is outstanding. During lockdown I remember that one of the biggest nightmares was joining a meeting when my environment wasn't so suitable to hold one(a lot of background noise 😅). Using Krisp helped me get through the calls I attended during lockdown, I've been using it ever since that moment and I don't think I'll be able to live without it at this point 😄

I'm a huge fan of this product! I especially love the transcript feature. It's geat, but often cuts my meetings at random points and starts over. Sometimes everything is working and other times with no changes it's not. I wish they had someone who could just screen chat with you quickly to help you out.

Sarah Beaver
Marketer and educator
1 review
Decent product; terrible support. The product itself was pretty good. I was a customer from 2021 until today (Feb 26, 2024). It had its flaws but improved in quality from 2022-2023. However, due to terrible customer support, I have to say I'll never be a customer again. I had a pro account with my previous employer, but the charge was attached to my credit card. It was an annual subscription, so I forgot about it. In Nov 2023, I saw the charge on my cc statement and went onto my account. I didn't use krisp in my new role and noticed I only had the free version. I reached out using the chatbot and was told someone would get back with me. They never did. I forgot about it, as it isn't a huge priority, and then reached out again a couple of months later. Again, I didn't hear back, so I reached out directly to their support last week and finally someone got back with me. They confirmed that I had an active account from my previous work email. I explained that I no longer worked there and didn't have access to that email or account. We went back and forth for over a week, with me explaining the situation over and over again, providing screenshots of my cc statements, my cc information, etc. They finally canceled the work account but refused to refund any of my money for the year-long subscription that I had never used and tried to cancel and get a refund for 3 months. Terrible customer support.

Josh Liebster
6 reviews
Excellent noise(s) reduction.

Michael Silber
Michael Silber
⭐ Top reviewer
Helping makers build & discover products
26 reviews
It does a nice job removing loud street noise from my calls. At times it feels like it prevents me from getting a word in when I'm trying to interject a point within a meeting, but in those situations is easy to toggle on/off. I have had some reliability issues with the mac app, but they seem to always be updating the app and making improvements. Update: The new AI transcription and summarization features are game-changers for me. Having an always on, note-taking assistant is incredibly helpful on those days I'm jumping from meeting to meeting.

Tatev Hackobian
6 reviews
Review of Krisp Mac
Krisp is my communication assistant

James K.
James K.
VTuber content creator.
6 reviews
The noise cancellation is excellent, but the transcript and other features still need improvement.