Keep Your Friends Close

A free e-book about maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

#4 Product of the DayDecember 23, 2014
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I wrote this book as a direct result of being absolutely absorbed into the world of eCommerce & figuring out how to maximize CLTV (something which is very relevant to what we're doing with @Receiptful at the moment). So this book includes all of my research on the tips, tricks & techniques to maximize CLTV.
@Receiptful @adii Can't wait to dig into it!
@Receiptful @adii Just got it via your email before I saw it on PH. Good read, thank you! :)
@poornima Don't be too critical. :)
@adii haha but how will you learn?! ;)
@poornima Fair enough. I have no comeback to that. :)
@adii this looks great! Very excited to read it! Very much up our alley with HookFeed :-)
@adii reading now ;)