Intercom on Sales

28 proven sales plays to scale a billion dollar business

Every company that wants to survive in today’s competitive environment is in pursuit of one thing – faster growth. Intercom on Sales shares an inside look at our journey scaling sales at a billion dollar company.
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John Collins
Director of Content, Intercom
John from Intercom here 👋 I'm thrilled to announce the release of our new book, Intercom on Sales. Whether you're eager to experiment with new tactics, laser-focused on optimizing your sales process, or interested in improving your relationship with marketing, this book has something for you. Inside you'll find 28 actionable sales plays straight out of our own handbook as well as 10 ready-to-use worksheets. There are no gimmicks or weird hacks, just real advice from our sales team. Interested? Grab your free copy today, and give us a shout with your thoughts on the book.
Jason M. Lemkin
Awesome work and book!!
I'm getting one for myself and the team! never been disappointed by Intercom's books
Graham Ó MaonaighGrowth Marketing
I'm looking forward to applying some of these sales plays.
Landon BennettCo-founder, Ad Reform &
Congrats team!
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