Drawing from some of the best posts on our blog, Intercom on Product Management offers guidance on the tough decisions you need to make as a product manager.

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Awesome work @destraynor, @jaycee001, and team. Intercom has one of the best blogs on product management, a craft that's often misunderstood in part because of a lack of education and fuzziness around what it really is. Here are a few other product-focused people/blogs to follow: - @evanish: http://jasonevanish.com - @jasonyogeshshah: http://blog.jasonshah.org - @allanberger and @__tosh from Blossom: https://www.blossom.io/blog - @andrewchen: http://andrewchen.co - @joshelman: https://medium.com/@joshelman - @kennethn: https://medium.com/@kennethn
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@rrhoover great list, thanks!
Looking forward to reading this book! While on the topic, here are some more product-focused blogs: http://www.quora.com/What-are-th... and a Twitter collection of product-related tweets: https://twitter.com/kaz/timeline...
Thanks for the extra sources @rrhoover
Just saw this. Going to download and read it. Intercom does a lot of things very smartly. Interesting approach to getting the book too--you have to share it via email with two friends.
Thanks for all the upvotes and positive comments. I edited the book, which was mostly written by @destraynor, but happy to take any questions here.
@destraynor @jaycee001 downloaded and plan to read this week. can you elaborate on the awesome invite-2-friends flow from both high level (howd you come up with that, whos idea was it) as well as details (what stack / tools did you use to implement). id also love to hear about the conversion rate as i assume you'd see a higher drop off for downloads. im definitely going to read the book but that invite 2 friends hack is an awesome idea.
@destraynor @benhoffman_ We toyed with a number of ways that people could "earn" the book without necessarily having to pay for it. There was a lot of internal debate but we think this mechanism helps ensure people value it and won't just download it and forget it. In terms of the implementation, it's running on Intercom of course ;-)
@destraynor @benhoffman_ @jaycee001 Great book - thanks! - and an inventive idea to let people 'pay' with a recommendation. Only thing I didn't feel good with: I had to invite people BEFORE I could check if the book is good or not. Luckyly it's great, but what about my reputation as a consultant, if the book I recommended contained bullshit? And I think lot's of people might be afraid of this. Why you don't switch to LaterPay or something similar, so people first can check if they like the book and recommend THEN?
Just gave this a run through. Loads of super relevant insights for anyone in product design.
Great stuff - big fan of @destraynor and his philosophy after hearing his talk at Launch Incubator on TWiST - http://thisweekinstartups.com/la...
@destraynor @stevecaldwell i LOVED that talk. super high quality. got a copy of the slides and re watched it
@benhoffman_ Got a link handy for the slides?