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I've been telling every marketer I meet to use Intercom. Now with this feature it's a no-brainer for marketers to use Intercom, especially for product marketing after people signup for a product.
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@hnshah Thanks Hiten! As a marketer myself, I couldn't agree more ;) Really appreciate your support.
@hnshah 100%, so happy I saw this pop up, we were literally about to start building our own solution to this.
It's always been difficult for marketers to prove the ROI for the messages they send. Today we fixed that. Opens and clicks only tell you so much. Message Goals let you see the true impact of every message you send in Intercom. You can set any event, or change to a user, or company attribute as the goal for an email or in-app message–installs, upgrades, anything. See for yourself: https://www.intercom.io/message-...
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Wow, thanks Intercom! Continue to improve the analytics side of your product and you are gonna be the only tool needed for direct customer acquisition and retention.
Phenomenal work as always- I spotted this late last night when I was creating a new campaign. :) Excited to check it out, congrats!
@hnshah Thanks for the recommendation. Looking forward to implement Intercom.io on @Cloudways. We really need it as its very difficult to extract meaningful data from GA only.