Intercom for Slack is a new two-way integration makes it easy to convert your hottest leads right from Slack. Get instant notifications about new conversations, quickly respond and qualify leads without leaving the app you already have open all day. You can choose exactly what you’re notified about in which Slack channels, so you can focus on your best opportunities first.

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Hey hunters, Matt from Intercom here. We’re excited to launch our all-new two-way Slack integration. It’s the fastest way to convert your hottest leads right from Slack. Here’s a quick summary of what you can do: • Focus on closing your highest quality leads with smart Slack notifications and routing • Respond instantly and stay organized with two-way sync and auto-archive of conversations • Capture lead info in Intercom as you chat and qualify without leaving Slack With Intercom and Slack, you’ll never miss an opportunity and can focus on closing your best leads first. Best of all, it’s 100% free to use with any Intercom product. We’d love you to give it a try and let us know what you think.
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@mattnhodges Looks 🔥, looking forward to trying it out!
@vesln 🙏🏻 Do let us know what you think!
This is such a great integration, well done Intercom! Super excited to get this into the hands of our customers. I especially like that it will automatically spin up a unique Slack channels so you can communicate with your site visitors right from Slack. The ability to qualify while in-conversation is also :100:.
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@cecistalls Thank you!!! ❤️
Congrats Intercom on launching this amazing app for Slack.👏👏👏 Now Slack users can communicate with site visitors ultra fast, right from Slack! Which means never missing an opportunity to communicate with a hot lead. If you want to learn more about how to use Slack and Intercom together, join us on Feb 22 for a live webinar covering tips and tricks to help you qualify and convert your leads faster.
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It's pretty funny -- I work on a Slack integration, and we used to have a tool built in (called Operator!) that allowed customers to ping us directly in Slack when they needed help. After we started using Intercom, that became basically obsolete, but I really missed having that interaction actually in Slack, where I spend 95% of my day (instead of switching over to the web). Now that Intercom lets us have customer conversation right in Slack (and qualify and close them too) I pretty much have everything I need. Great integration, what a pleasant surprise!


Works exactly as expected, reduces context switching


None that I've seen yet, but it's only been a day!

Um... this looks heavily "inspired" by Chatlio, even down to the channel naming.
@jeberly First thought we had when seeing this. I'd use a word stronger than "inspired". There are so many interesting ways to do Slack integration, it feels lazy.