Intercom for mobile apps

A better way to connect with mobile users

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We've been using Intercom on Airbrake iOS and Android app. I think the coolest thing about Intercom for Mobile is the ease of adding push notifications to our app.
We just released new Intercom integrations for iOS and Android apps. They can help you engage and retain more users, get quality product feedback, and help users inside your mobile apps.
@mattnhodges Looks awesome! Are some of these new features available to responsive mobile web apps as well?
@mattnhodges Looks like a great tool! Will def check it out.
@rc_says All the features mentioned on the page (with the exception of push notifications) are available when Intercom in integrated with your web app.
@mattnhodges Cool! Will check it out.
@mattnhodges How does it help retain and engage more users? can you give more details on the new features?
Super impressed by the intercom feature announcements lately. IMO, intercom webchat is the best looking/feeling webchat experience out there. I was using Intercom a few years ago at my previous startup and the product has come so far since then. Keep up the good work. #500strong!