Build apps for over 30,000 of the world’s fastest-growing businesses and get discovered in the new Intercom App Store. Plus, easily develop, publish, and maintain apps with our new developer tools, including free developer workspaces, powerful APIs, and comprehensive docs.

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Congrats, Intercom team! We've been big Intercom users since we launched Coda. Intercom has been a great platform that gives us a much more responsive and personal feel for our users. That creates the next challenge: our users like to chat with us, and give us tons of feedback, but it's also a very large volume for our product development team. So we started routing Intercom chat data into Coda (of course 🙂) so we could start mining all the gold in that feedback, find the key nuggets we wanted to work on, and then notify (and thank!) users when their requests were addressed. So when we talked with the Intercom team about their new App Store, we got inspired. We decided to build a Coda Intercom messenger app and pair it with a templatized version of our Coda User Feedback tracker. Felt like a good way for other Coda+Intercom customers to build their own version of this process - looking forward to seeing what everyone builds!
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@shishirmehrotra 🙏🏻 we’re huge fans and becoming big users of Coda here at Intercom. Can’t recommend your product highly enough. Thanks for being a great partner team Coda!
@shishirmehrotra Love it! We also love Coda at Intercom. Doing all our roadmaps in it these days 🤩
@eoghanmccabe Have been using Intercom since the day we have launched our B2B SaaS. Big Fan :) Couple of thoughts if you are doing B2B : a) Target SaaS companies who have recently raised funding. These companies are now going to spend money on product and improve customer journey. b) Target SaaS companies who are hiring for Inside Sales, Enterprise Sales, Corporate Sales, product managers. Companies who are hiring for such roles indicate that they are willing to invest money on product and improve customer experience. Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this :)
@shishirmehrotra Coda looks really great. But, I could not find anything on pricing. How much will Coda set me back?
Intercom is starting to look more similar to Slack, which has a deep App Store, but for external communications. P.S. Check out the Product Hunt Intercom app. 😊
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@rrhoover super sleek! Awesome work 🙌
Hey folks, Matt from the product team at Intercom here. We’re so, so, so stoked to launch the Intercom App Store today. Supporting a growing library of 100+ apps, you’ll find a whole suite of new developer tools that make it easier than ever to build an app on Intercom. Build custom apps for private use at your company or join the likes of Typeform, Atlassian, and HubSpot on our new App Store where you can list your app for discovery by the 30,000 growing businesses that use Intercom to acquire, engage and retain more customers. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new: 1. Intercom App Store Publish an app on the store, alongside over 100 powerful apps for tools like Slack, HubSpot, and Product Hunt. Get in front of 30,000+ customers and hundreds of thousands of visitors. 2. Easy-to-use developer tools Get started quickly and effortlessly. Manage and publish your apps with our free developer workspaces and updated developer dashboard, docs, and forum. Some partners have built apps in less than a day! 3. All-new Messenger app framework Explore the Messenger framework, which we’ve just launched out of beta so you can build powerful apps for the Intercom Messenger and be part of 500 million conversations every month. Check out the Intercom App Store to see what our partners have built, including a brand-new app from Coda that enables businesses to capture and harness actionable customer feedback right from the Intercom Messenger. We’ll be showcasing this app and others in our co-hosted webinar on August 21 about increasing productivity with Intercom apps. Happy building! 🙌🏻
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@mattnhodges excited to be a part of this! It's clear that users need a host of dynamic experiences and functionality, and Intercom's Messenger interface is a really smart way to provide these options. What were the key improvements you made during the beta period for the dev tools?
@_pulkitagrawal thanks, Pulkit! In answer to your question:
  • free developer workspaces so you can build and test apps safely
  • you can now update and edit your app scopes, and get started building without having to wait for approval
  • you can now manage your app listing directly from the developer hub, so you can edit as needed and control when it goes live in the Intercom App Store (with a smoother approval process too!)
  • you can now create multiple apps, rather than one per workspace
Hope that helps!
Intercom's APIs are solid, great to see the tooling rounding into form as well. Also love the public app store, such a good distribution channel. Looking forward to trying these out at Userfeed!
Really awesome job to the @intercom team. They really put together a world class experience from a developer/partner perspective. Having the public facing "store" is a huge next step. Looking forward to seeing where this thing goes...I'm bullish :)