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Talk to visitors on your website–it's live chat, reinvented

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UPDATE Oct 20th, 2015: We just released our newest product, Intercom Acquire, out of beta with all-new features. You can use it to chat with visitors to your website in real-time, capture them as leads, and convert them to customers.
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@mattnhodges you can not turn off the automessges in bulk, or change it when operators are away, and no ticketing system...
@irvani thanks for the feedback and you bring up a good point about turning off auto messages when operators are away. This is something we are investigating. Regarding our lack of a ticketing system, this is a conscious choice. While we offer a Support product, we believe that conversations and tagging accomplish the same Job-to-be-Done as tickets, but do it in a friendlier more personal way. You might like to read more on our thinking here
I <3 @Intercom. Most startups don't give enough importance to Customer Development and User Onboarding. And Intercom is perfect for those activities.
I've been waiting for this release since the beginning of the year. The second I got the emails about it, I added it to our plan. If you don't know about business2customer communications and how Intercom has revolutionized it, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'd be happy to share our experience so far. If i remember, I'll come back later down the road to share initial results of the integration.
Added to my Live Chat Widgets collection:
@nbashaw we've been using the in-app version of this chat for a few weeks now and I feel the main difference is the ease of moving back and forth between "let's talk right now" and "I have a question ... it's not as important that it get answered immediately". Customers who have used chat before treat it as a chat and customers who are new treat it like email or iMessage. My past experience with capital C Chat products is that it's difficult to move someone from chat to email, even with integration. @intercom makes this easy.