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Matt Hodges — Marketing guy at @Intercom
UPDATE Oct 20th, 2015: We just released our newest product, Intercom Acquire, out of beta with all-new features. You can use it to chat with visitors to your website in real-time, capture them as leads, and convert them to customers.
Hadi Irvani — Founder, PeachDish
@mattnhodges you can not turn off the automessges in bulk, or change it when operators are away, and no ticketing system...
@irvani thanks for the feedback and you bring up a good point about turning off auto messages when operators are away. This is something we are investigating. Regarding our lack of a ticketing system, this is a conscious choice. While we offer a Support product, we believe that conversations and tagging accomplish the same Job-to-be-Done as tickets, but do it in a friendlier more personal way. You might like to read more on our thinking here
Nicolas Nemni — Software Product Manager
I <3 @Intercom. Most startups don't give enough importance to Customer Development and User Onboarding. And Intercom is perfect for those activities.
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