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Hi Product Hunt! I’m part of the Calls team at Slack (and previously, co-founder and CEO of Screenhero). Today, we’re launching the following two features in Slack: 1) Screenhero-style screen sharing: multi-mouse screen sharing where everyone can click and type. Great for pair programming, and any task where you and your coworker(s) need to feel like they’re in the same room. 2) Drawing: if you don’t want to give everyone in your screen share the ability to control your screen, you can allow them to use their mouse to draw on your screen. It’s a simple visual communication tool that we’ve found is also fun to use. These features are available immediately. Just make sure you’re on a paid plan, using the latest version of Slack’s Windows desktop app or the direct download version of Slack’s Mac desktop app. Try it out and tell us what you think — we love feedback! Folks from the team will be around here to answer questions. There’s more information on in our blog post: https://slackhq.com/screen-shari... Finally, since we’ve rolled its features into Slack, we’re also announcing that the standalone Screenhero app will be closing on December 1st, 2017. While we’ll miss the standalone app, we’re proud of the integrated experience we’ve built in Slack, and are excited to improve Slack calls in a number of directions in the coming months and years!
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@j_sherwani I am so proud of what you and the Calls team have put together. It’s been a wild freaking ride, and it is so satisfying to see it come to a close. Congratulations! 🙌
@j_sherwani (also I suppose this means I’m finally off the hook for writing the Linux client! 😉)
@j_sherwani Any chance of one-off quick audio messages inside Slack? I and a few remote co-workers have to go to and from FB Messanger just for this feature. It would be great if it was in Slack as I really don't like using Facebook.
@j_sherwani @itsjoeturner My team and I would also love to have them natively inside slack. Rn only our iOS users can use this feature through Recordify.
@j_sherwani I've used and loved Screenhero for a while now. This is the coolest integration :)
the best part they have give more credit to screen hero subscriber.
Screenhero let us do pair programming between Chicago IL and a village in the south of England! Mind blowing. So excited this is fully integrated into Slack now!
That's great. We've been a heavy slack users and screenhero combined would never allow us to leave the slack... hopefully for a very loooong time. Thank you team Slack/screenhero and @j_sherwani
Great job !! Hoping to enjoy this feature 😊