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iMessage for Millennials™ - share stickers & even more emoji

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Clearly this is the most innovative thing to come out of Apple, ever.
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@nivo0o0 True. ;-) But I'm afraid that Facebook Messenger will bring this Feature before iOS10 is finally released.
This is exciting. I expect to see a ton of developers porting their Facebook Messenger apps to iMessage.
iOS is on the decline, Facebook has a huge market share and works on all major platforms. iMessage is a non starter, can't ever use it as the majority of the world doesn't have it unlike WhatsApp or other messaging apps that have more features.
@androidlove the scale of money being spent by users is more important than raw user counts when deciding where to invest development effort.
@androidlove I'm in Hong Kong. My last genuine iMessage received was over a year ago... It's a dead platform in most parts of Asia, like SMS itself.
@nelsonmckey imessage being tied in ios is the reason it never has or ever will become a major platform in the big leagues. The tech bubble is real and distorts reality.
@nelsonmckey These Apps such as WeChat, Telegram and etc, are popular one day, and they are not another day. Plus, as you said, each of these apps might be popular in a region or part of the world, not everywhere. For example, Telegram is so popular in Iran, while in the U.S. you can hardly find someone who have it in their phone, and if they do they rarely use it. so you can't really compare it. — While iMessage tides in to the iOS and it's hard to imagine any of these services can replace iMessage in the long run.
So tired of the term Millennials...ugh
A whole new world for Developers