How To Build the Future: Elon Musk

Y Combinator's Sam Altman and Elon on SpaceX, Tesla, & more

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I could listen to this mind for days. I also liked his appearance at Code Conference 2016 where he had that famous "1 in a billion chance that this is base reality." quote:
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Another great guest (first two episodes were with Mark Zuckerberg and Jessica Livingston). Separately, YC's recent reorg and announcement of the MOOC, makes me wonder how their investment in original content will grow.
"What really matters it the machine that builds the machine" —Elon Musk, on the biggest epiphany he's had this year (with 🤖factory in the background of course). Super interesting interview with @Sama 👌
"We must have democratization of AI technology and make it widely available" —@ElonMusk on @OpenAI
The AI... it reminds invention of atomic bomb. There was voices to stop and not to invent such technology - or - open the technology to everyone. None could possibly resolve the situation. We need to learn how to react to these thing as society - on human base.