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Lana MeisakMarketer, Gismart
WOW! Thank you so much for featuring HelpCrunch, @therealsjr! Hello, Product Hunters! We are so excited to introduce HelpCrunch, a one platform to manage all customer interaction on web or inside mobile app, on Product Hunt! The core tools combined in HelpCrunch are real-time user intelligence and continuous messenger on the web and inside mobile app that stores all customer conversation in one thread. We aim to help businesses communicate on a whole new level – reaching customers with a relevant message, at the right moment of time, on the right platform (on web or inside mobile app). We would love to hear what you think about HelpCrunch and if anybody has any ​questions, please ​fire away! P.S. Special deal alert for Product Hunters only - Send us the promo code PHLOVE30 in the chat to get exclusive 30% OFF any paid plan.
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Matt Pliszka
CRM Consultant @

One of the more interesting live chat solutions out there.


all-in one messaging, live chat, ticketing app


would be great to see more integrations (e.g. WIX, Weebly)

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Steffan HoweyCEO, Lifecycle
How does this differ from Intercom, or using another live chat feature with a CRM integration?
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Lana MeisakMarketer, Gismart
@steffanhowey Thanks for asking! We kind of expected this question. :) Conceptually, HelpCrunch and Intercom are on the same page really. The main difference lies in our product positioning. IMHO, Intercom is for large SaaS that can actually afford paying for it. It’s an expensive product for small businesses, not to mention startups and sole product developers. We build HelpCrunch to be affordable not only for large businesses but also for a medium and small business. And we are planning to stay this way. I think there are many tools on the market for large companies with complex sales, marketing and customer support activities, but not as many tools for smaller businesses. We hope that HelpCrunch would be a great fit for such companies. Also we are planning to add more customer touchpoints (so far we have messaging and email) that would bring a great value for online-to-offline companies such as sms-messaging (as an option to message via messenger and email) and VoIP service.
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Alex Panagis
Founder, ScaleMath
@steffanhowey @lana_meisak In a similar vein, how would you say it compares to HelpScout? I'm quite disappointed by how far behind HelpScout is when it comes to email marketing which Intercom was great at.
Stewart Rogers
Journalist, speaker, founder, nomad
HelpCrunch is a smart new solution that helps you communicate with your customers via website or mobile. It is pretty useful for new prospect acquisition just as much as it is good for existing customer support/retention. Pricing is pretty keen too for a solution of this type, so it fits just as well with smaller businesses. The solution combines live CRM data and a real-time messenger for web (live chat) and mobile (in-app messenger).
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Alexandra Lamachenka
Product Marketing at Skyscanner
Thanks for submitting a great service! Will definitely check it out soon! Just one question, is it possible to integrate only your smooth Real-time messaging solution? Thanks :)
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Lana MeisakMarketer, Gismart
@alexstrvinsky Thanks for checking out HelpCrunch! Sure you can, but the good thing about HelpCrunch that you get all tools to use (CRM, live chat for web and in-app messenger for Android or iOS mobile apps) in one package for the same price. We actually have four pricing plans based entirely on number of users you communicate with. Feel free to sign up with “ProductHunt007” code and use our system free for 2 month!
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