Transform your spare devices into security cameras for free.

GuardMyPad is a web-based home security solution. If you have a device with a browser and a camera, you have a home security camera. GuardMyPad adds a layer of motion detection, video recording, noise detection, and other security features onto existing gear.
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I love this Mick.. with ios support and some cool features I would happily pay $5-10/m for something like this :)
@jhm_uk Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I'll have to review WebRTC support on iOS and run some tests, but if you're open to it, I'd love to hear what kind of use cases you have for this, where it falls short, how you'd like to see it evolve, etc. May I DM you here once I test/fix?
This looks awesome. I once set up an old laptop on a Zoom call with my work laptop so I could monitor my front door while I was at work. I wondered if something like this existed!
Hi everyone! I made this product a few years ago, shared it a bit, didn't get very much feedback, and then moved on to other things as my priorities and perspective evolved. Someone emailed me about it yesterday so I decided to share it here in case anyone else wants to use it. If you like the concept, let me know and I'd be happy to revisit, stabilize, and enhance the app (as soon as my hand heals up).
"guardmyshit" is a beta access code you can use to register if you would like to try it out :). (This was the original name of the app)
There's a mature competing app on the market - I used that for a couple of months, but it was unreliable and then my old iPhone 5 that I used as a camera literally melted behind the window it was.
@andreasduess I remember testing Alfred out! Alfred doesn't allow you to use webcams hooked up to a laptop/desktop IIRC and I, like you, found it to be unreliable (even more so than my prototype in my initial tests). My goal was to support laptops as first-class citizens, more so than mobile devices, though mobile devices are supported to some extent: