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40+ companies share their Net Promoter Score secrets!

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Hey @kwdinc thanks for hunting us today. Hey, guys, My name is Laxman and I'm the Founder of Growth Score. I'm happy to present to you the fruits of our labor in the form of this amazing Ebook that dissects how companies can use NPS across functions and how 40+ high-growth companies have been leveraging promoters to scale. We've reached out to over 130 companies, sent hundreds of cold emails and spent 45 days to bring this to life. While doing so we've interacted with marketers, product guys, customer service and support teams in order to get NPS insights from folks at Buffer, Zapier, Hubspot, Zendesk, Typeform and tons of other companies. The insights shared in this Ebook are real and relevant and can be applied to any business. Happy to answer any questions!
This is some good work team. But I would love to get more insights into industry specific benchmarks.
@mananshah212 Thanks. Here are some free and paid report on benchmarks and But, next time around, we are trying to get benchmarks as well. Fingers crossed :)
Thanks for including us at Appcues in the project. Great to see so many SaaS figures share their insights
@tymagnin Thanks for being part of.
Nice! Simple and well executed!
Why are there 2 same paragraphs on the first slide?
@dimaishere Sorry, could you pls point us to the page number of the book?
@laxmanpapineni ah I'm talking about slides on PH page, one with Sujan Patel on it :) Not a big deal, great work!
@dimaishere hmm got it, thanks. Correcting it :)