The all-in-one sales stack for new age sales teams.
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What is Outplay?
An all-in-one sales platform for high velocity sales. Find the right prospects, engage them across channels, craft personalised communication at scale and close deals with zero-friction meetings.
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Inbound Lead Conversion by Outplay
Meet Outplay’s Ultimate Inbound Lead Converter. A powerful combination of lead enrichment, scheduling and routing capabilities that’ll drive up your speed to lead, and help you close more inbound sales and marketing leads than ever before.
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Call of Fame
Welcome to the Call of Fame - where you can listen to real-life cold calls made by the best SDRs from the SaaS world - Chilipiper, LeadIQ, etc. You can learn closing techniques, redefine your approach, and discover how to hit that 160% quota month-on-month.
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