Launching a quickly accessible version of Zoho Writer's AI-based writing assistant that checks for spelling, grammar, readability, and writing quality issues in your writing.
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Hello everyone! 🙏 We're super excited to launch our free spelling and grammar checker tool. It's built on top of the AI-based proofing engine we had previously added to our online word processor, Zoho Writer. 📝 The experience is pretty straightforward; open up the page, and enter your English content in the textbox. The tool will analyze your text and give you grammar and spelling suggestions in real-time. 📈 For longer-form content, and advanced readability, cliches, style and writing quality checks, you can take the content back to the word processor by creating your free Zoho account. A quick overview - It's AI-based, which means it considers the context of a sentence, rather than relying on grammar rules alone. - No user data is stored or owned to improve our algorithms—even if you have an account with us. This was the major reason we decided to build the technology ourselves for Zoho's products in the first place. We process the text you enter to provide suggestions and remove it from our servers as we deliver them. - From punctuation to prepositions, and homophones, the AI is currently well-trained with more than 65 grammar rules. - It's currently available only for the English language. We're, however, working on adding Spanish too. - Readability, cliche, passive sentences, informal writing, slang, and more advanced suggestions appear for long-form content in the standalone version. How do we improve the algorithm over time? - As mentioned above, we don't feed the algorithm your data to improve it. There is an option to report a faulty suggestion, where users can manually send a sentence over. Over time, the team analyzes reported sentences and feeds the AI with the correct versions. - Apart from that, we also take credible, publicly available content in bulk to train the model. Why is this free? If you've been following Zoho, we've been providing our productivity apps for free for over two decades now. This gives us an opportunity to take the brand to more people and also helps us bring awareness to our paid products. The paid products in turn subsidize the free apps. You can read more about this strong privacy policy here: Once again, we're super excited to share this with the PH community. Do let us what you think of the tool, and if you have more questions on this. 🙌