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Hallelujah. I love Google Voice, but I've been feeling like Google was going to slowly let it die.
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@andrewwarner I am excited too. Glad to see they've upped their game. I was thinking the same thoughts...
@andrewwarner oh, I agree...I yet don't trust Google after Reader, Notebook, etc etc got canned...!
@andrewwarner You never know. I feel like they wouldn't have updated it if they didn't have the intent of keeping it around for a while.
@andrewwarner had mine since Grand Central. Damn you google!!
Allo? Hangouts? Voice? Which do I choose??
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@chrismessina haha! Choice makes life so complicated right? πŸ˜‚
@chrismessina that's my biggest problem with the Google mobile messaging strategy, they really need to build all of these apps into one. It would be very competitive at that point.
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@tokudu Yeh, its not like their struggling enough against other communication services like whatsapp, viber, skype etc, they then have to further segment the market themselves.
@chrismessina Actually, it looks like Allo is really being focused on other markets. I have tried to get onboard with Allo but it's just not useful enough.
I am so glad they're updating Google Voice. I think so many people are still missing out on the greatness of having one phone number that you can keep and use anywhere. When companies sell my info with the Google Voice number attached they either get blocked by Google spam or I block them with a "this number is no longer in service message". That feature is priceless!
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As someone that relies on Google Voice, I just breathed a sigh of relief. Thanks Google, for not forgetting about GV!
I solely use Google Voice (no phone plan) and these updates are much needed. The ability to support group messages and photo SMS are the 2 major upgrades. So happy to see attention being devoted to this amazing product!
@kevinmandeville since you don't have a phone plan, do you just use Wi-Fi?
@love2golf yep! I'm in an urban area (Boston) and there's abundant wifi between home, work, and all around. I am a Comcast Xfinity customer and they have a nationwide hotspot network you have access to which has been awesome. Additionally, I also use FreedomPop for mobile hotspot data if I ever need to, but honestly I rarely ever use that as the former services have me covered. I've done this for over 3 years now and it's been amazing to be free from phone companies with no bill yet have the exact same functionality of calling and texting. You're even able to port over your existing phone number for a one-time $20 fee, so I didn't even lose that when switching to Google Voice.
@kevinmandeville wondering how you do that ? since GV call ur phone number, i, u pick up, and it'll connect u. just like an operator. but it looks like there is a work around it to dial ur number directly from app?!?! :)