Google Cast

Cast your favorite entertainment and apps to your TV

I love my Chromecast. IMO it is better than the Apple TV, FireTV, and Roku. It embodies the simplest form of content. There is no interface. It makes scrolling through a list of items on your TV feel so outdated. With the Chromecast everyone can scroll through their individual phones/tablet and then decide what to watch. It is so awkward when you are the bearer of the system remote (apple tv, etc.) and you are scrolling ever so slowly so everyone can read each title and description. The Cast is also great for streaming music, when friends come over we take turns playing music videos from Youtube. The Cast to me has been like a little Google Trojan horse that has made me consider switching from my walled garden ecosystem. I look forward to any updates this team puts out.
Chromecast is now Google Cast — a subtle but important shift away from the Chrome brand.
Also saw that its integrated into Vizio's new P-Line that was announced today.
Are existing Vizio TVs going to be able to get an update? We *just* bought a new Vizio for our living room.