Google Awareness API

A sensing platform enabling apps to anticipate and react.

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This is very much like Number Eight
@jcampbell_05 thank you for sharing our work!
The beginnings of the implicit web:
It would be great to see how apple react to this
@suholet Just wait a year - they'll copy it, reduce some stuff, give it a stylish name et voilá.
@suholet yep, let's see. Usually, it takes time to implement these API's, especially from big corporations. Comparing to the Google's one NE SDK provides a way more information. If you wanna try it, feel free to subscribe and I'll send you a private beta version :)
@andmitsch @suholet but we are already here! No need to wait for Apple ;)
@suholet isn't Proactive already part of iOS?
@maarten could you give me some examples? I don't think that ios can tell to your app something like this "whenever the user is walking and their headphones are plugged in".
I love this direction. Reducing friction and focusing on push versus pull. I want content to be pushed to me when I need it, rather than needing to fetch the information manually. Very exciting 🙋
Awareness API combined w/ Instant Apps will lead to some very cool apps