Save links from the web on the go with easy browser extensions, build email newsletters with drag and drop and send with Goodbits, MailChimp or other with an HTML Export.

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This is really smart and if done well, could be a useful tool for content marketing and list-building. I hope GoodBits offers ways for teams to collaboratively build each email. Mattermark "team sources" the articles it features in its daily digest. cc @agoldner @sparkzilla P.S. Derek mention Linkydink. That's the service I used to create the "Product Hunt MVP." Story here:
Been poking around with this, a bit like LinkyDink with Mailchimp integration. Like it a lot so far.
Thanks for your kind comments folks. @rrhoover we're working on adding team collaboration and some other great features to make collecting relevant content easier. Such as collecting links from Buffer, twitter favorites and RSS feeds.
Yep we're live, come on in and signup. We've added full MailChimp template support, sections and simple markdown support for neater formatting.
I love Goodbits. Long-term potential for this one.