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Focus on your Product - We handle the AI complexities.
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Recast’s AI app helps you “read” without reading. Listen to any article as a short podcast. Co-hosts explain in real dialogue. Submit any article to convert. Or browse community recasts. Learn doing chores or on the go. Save reading and screen time.
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The Current
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No matter where you are on your social change journey, The Current will guide you through the issues you care about. Join 500+ Gen Z subscribers now to get our weekly newsletter on what matters in social change and how YOU can make a meaningful impact.
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Gem is the best app for staying updated with the latest tech and finance news. Powered by AI, Gem gives you concise and personalized news summaries that cater to your interests.
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VMate is a AI roleplay chatbot app that enables people to chat with AI roleplay bot. Easy to find your desired roleplay character and chat for fun.
VTuber Maker
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Indie News
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Stay up-to-date with the latest buzz from the #buildinpublic community with handpicked news and summaries by @aliszu. Get a daily dose of sarcasm and wit. Join me, and never miss a beat!
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The FoundersPress covers startup news and tech across the globe, connecting you with the latest stories in startups, venture capital, innovation, and more.
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In a world where innovation and cutting-edge technologies often dominate headlines, we saw an opportunity to champion the power of simplicity and traditional business practices.
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Leverage the Power of AI with Nuse. Navigating the Sea of Information, Delivering News That Matter to You
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With Inoreader, content comes to you the minute it's available. Follow websites, social media feeds, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters. Enjoy what's important to you, all in one place.
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ApplyAce is Pakistan's online admission platform, designed to connect students from all over the world with universities and colleges. Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere.
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