Front (iOS)

The easiest way to work with team inboxes (on your iPhone!)

We launched Front in 2014 and have been working hard ever since to make teams more productive through collaborative email.
Check out the latest version of Front here!
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Hey everyone - I’m a co-founder of Front and I'm excited to share our iOS app with the Product Hunt community! Front is the easiest way to manage team inboxes (contact@, help@, press@, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts or SMS Twilio numbers). Now you can easily start a conversation from your computer and pick it up from your phone, when you are on-the-go. Download it from the App Store and take it for a spin. We hope you love it as much as we do! :)
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Fantastically simple and powerful support product. Consider evaluating against your traditional helpdesk stack. Sidenote: I once shared an uber pool with @collinmathilde. I would have given her 5 stars for coolness if uber asked for a review. edit: accidentally left this as a child comment instead of a separate​ parent comment. PH needs "delete comment" feature.
@jasonhitchcock hahaha, thank you Jason!
At, Front not only powers our helpdesk, but we've also hacked it to become a workflow tool for all internal operations. We use it to manage and distribute tasks to all our ops teams, it has enabled us to scale our business significantly. Great work team Front!
Fantastic! With the iOS application, this is now the best alternative around
@gsempe Agreed - I asked (told) 3 of my companies to move to this ASAP : )
We love Front! A great way to support users, while keeping it personal. To the user it feels just like he's emailing with you (rather than "we have opened a support ticket, and you will be answered in a month by technician #234234"). It's perfect for small teams like ours. I also have to say that Front's own support team is very responsive, and the product just improves all the time. Keep it up!
Would this be usable as something to replace zen desk or fresh desk? Or is this simply for bucket emails (press, hr, and etc)
@johnnyquachy It would replace Zendesk or Freshdesk! Happy to tell you more about this use case if you want (
@johnnyquachy This is how we used it, scrapped zendesk.