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Browse all emails, SMSs, chat, tweets to & from your company

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Mathilde Collin
CEO, Frontapp
Hi! I'm Mathilde, the CEO of Front (, the inbox of businesses: we aggregate all conversations (think email, chat, support, Twitter, Facebook, text messages, etc.) in one place, so teams can work on them efficiently. Today we’re launching an API that lets you send data to and pull data from Front, to make your productivity boom. We’ve already seen cool stuff built with this API: from Magic copycats launched in less than an hour, to bots taking requests from Slack channels and processing them with “super-human assistants”, there is plenty of room left for creativity. Have fun! Happy to answer any question :)
Manoj RanaweeraSkilledUp Life, Deal Lite & Techcelerate
@collinmathilde we are also trying to solve the same challenge in a slightly different manner. Will take FrontApp for a spin. Congrats
Alok JariwalaProduct Manager, Mobile
@collinmathilde would be interesting to see how the #ux turns out :-)
Pierre-Baptiste B.Co-Founder @ Aircall
Congrats to the Front team for this launch! We recently built our integration with "Custom inboxes", and it was really easy/fast :)
Francois Le NguyenPurpose Driven Problem Solver
Heard you on YC's startup school radio, congrats on the launch! Hugely valuable for product teams who regularly need to collect and respond to user feedback and feature requests.
Congrats Mathilde and Front team! We are using it for a human/bot managed inbox and think it's pretty slick! The API will be great for us!
Bertrand BesseProduct Marketing Manager, Tinyclues
Our company uses Front extensively and we find it to be a great tool to interact with our customers. Our dev team can't wait to play with the API :)
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