Take the pain out of shared inboxes.

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Front describes themselves as "multiplayer Gmail," which is perfect. We use Front at YC for our shared email addresses (like api@), and it makes managing those accounts much, much easier.
@KatManalac the app makes so much sense and truly tackles and solve some mailing issues, that especially with startups, smaller businesses would face when it comes to managing these mails. plus the additional co-shared working experience with team and canned answers make it a reliable app for you to be more productive. downloaded, and in usage already!
We recently switched over to Front to manage our shared inbox. Sharing and assigning emails is effortless (everyone knows who is replying to what) and response time is reduced. Great customer service too - apparently everyone on the team has a shift.
Is an account management feature in the works?
@rprakash_ hey, thanks for your question. What do you mean by account management exactly?
I gave it a spin and *very* much liked what I saw. However there's a major problem for us: As an European company we are forbidden by law to store any personal data of our customers outside of the European Union. Emails and possible file attachments are very much personal data, so for example we must not use Google for customer emails. I see the same problem with forwarding all emails to an address of yours, as I don't know where it's stored. Forwarding emails to you boils down to these problems for us: - We are forbidden by law to store customer data outside the EU - We dislike the idea that this data is out of our control, on some cluster somewhere - If we ever switch to a different service, we don't have a backup of those emails So: are you planning to change anything about that? Ideally, you would just use our own private IMAP server as storage backend and put a nice UI in front of it. (I'd still pay the same money, if that's important).
@macguru17 thanks for your feedback, that's a very legitimate concern. While most of our servers are in CA at the moment, we plan to roll out a complete infrastructure in EU later this year. Most of our users use Front with an IMAP inbox: Front syncs in real-time (like any other email client), meaning that all of your emails are still in your inbox. That's one of the specific features that Front has compared to other similar solutions. Finally, we are slowly rolling out an API (see for example to browse your data outside of the app. We are commited to give customers that choose to leave Front a full export of their data.
@l_perrin Thanks for your answer. I will have to give it another shot then, did not find the IMAP-sync option, only Gmail and the "forward all emails" functionality.