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πŸ’¬ Get leads with automated messages
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🏹 Send email campaigns based on your customer behavior

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πŸ‘€ Track and analyze what happens inside your web

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Hey, Product Hunt Family 😻! This is JuanJo, CIO @ πŸ”₯ Quick message: we have a great deal for you, visit our site to get 20% off only this week πŸ”₯ It is possible when you see our features that they remind you of Hubspot or Intercom (two incredible products). But as nothing is perfect, we are building a solution mainly addressed to small and medium businesses, so that they can have the power of big corporations in a simpler and more cost efficient way. Most of you will be aware of the number of hours worked behind a project to make it happen (πŸ‘ πŸ‘to the team @emilygcl , @angel_romero , @jesus_vivas , and the rest of the members for making it possible). So launching today here in Product Hunt, makes us proud of what we have done so far, but gives us at the same time the vision of where we would like to be and what we still need to work to reach there. Our story: A few months ago we saw a huge problem in our environment. Small and medium businesses pay dozens of subscriptions to manage their customer Marketing, Sales and Support. This is the reason why we have developed Froged. The solution for small & medium companies, startups, freelancers, marketers and growth hackers that need powerful tools and features but with the easiness and accessibility of having them all in one platform. Our mission: To help companies engage their clients and grow their businesses, thanks to our behavioral marketing platform. Install Froged takes less than 4 minutes and we offer 14 days of FREE trial. We are extremely excited about the early adopters, that's why we'd love to directly support every customer! Hope you like it! We greatly appreciate your comments to keep on improving πŸ˜„!!
Friendly user experience and amazing support team. I was using it since their Beta release and it's a great and affordable tool for marketers and PM's . Congrats on your PH launch.
@cohnen thanks for your comments and your support!. Clients like you help us keep on improving and making something memorable as we intend to. Thanks again!
As a business owner, nothing is more frustrating than having so many different tools to manage my analytics, customer service, sales, etc. and with all user data scattered everywhere - here I have it all in one. Amazing!
@julien_de_waal, that is exactly one of the biggest pains we wanted to solve. Do not hesitate to keep on discovering what Froged can do for you. Thanks for your support!
I love it! I used Intercom but the prices are unassumable for me so... Welcome to my life, Froged!
@lili_123 Thanks Lili, I remember that you were one of our first clients. We are so happy to be useful to your business .
Having tried Froged as beta tester I can told you by a secret that I love the way Froged do with analytics. For me It is even better tool than google analytics.
@mariam_rustamyan thank you! Betatesters like you help us to keep improving!