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Hello Hunters and thank you @maccaw for hunting us! This is your best signup form - ever. If you are in B2B this will boost your conversion rate by 20% on day 1. 2 years ago we started using dynamic enrichment via Clearbit in the client as a way to improve our signup rates & validate the data. We've been refining it since, with live user scoring via MadKudu and dynamic content ... And today, we are open sourcing it! This nifty piece of code will:
  • - Prefill your user's form with rich user data
  • - Ensure the data matches before capturing the full profile
  • - Display social proof based on user role
  • - Enable user scoring & dynamic variations
Segment’s open-source Frictionless Signup shortens your signup form with automatically populated fields from Clearbit. You can increase your conversion rates without sacrificing enriched customer data. Clearbit will prefill data on your customers, and Segment will pass that data along to any marketing or analytics tool you want to use. When you know more about your customers, like where they work, what they do, and how big their company is, you can use those extra data points to send more helpful messages.
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@guillaumecabane @maccaw Wow.. This is brilliant. Removing the barriers from acquiring new users by simply having them type in their email and you guys populate the rest. Thanks for building this. 👏🏻
@guillaumecabane awesome! What about B2C?
@stefanpretty great question! You can use the same code, but you'll need to find another datasource. Maybe http://www.fullprofile.io ?
We do the same frictionless signup process at http://appcues.com. It helped us add fields to get more info from our signups while keeping our conversion rate steady.
This is pretty amazing. As someone who loves email marketing, I'm imaging all kinds of cool ways to build segments and trigger campaigns with the enriched data.
This seems really terrific — I just started doing a little integration into our signup form for instant2fa.com and it's dead simple. We've been Segment and Clearbit users for a long time, and it's always great when they do collaborations :)
@jessepollak Awesome! Share the conversion rate improvement when it's done!
Wow -- like the rest of Clearbit's integrations, it looks like magic. So subtle, you do a double take. Once you pick up your jaw of the floor, you'll realize that this wouldn't be possible without complete, canonical data. And that's where Clearbit really shines.