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Freshstatus enables businesses to communicate incidents, maintenances and status updates
- 1-Click and easy
- 250 subscribers in the free plan
- Unlimited incidents, maintenance and automation
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Hello folks, Here is the Freshstatus story.... We had got a lot of requests from small & medium sized businesses to improve @freshping 's status page capabilities. We looked around and the best statuspage builder in the market was very very very very very pricey... between 29$ - 1499$ per month and it required 15+ clicks to configure & publish a simple status page. Damn !! We thought why should small businesses pay so much for a status page ? and why should it be so complex to create a status page ? Here is our first attempt at solving the above problem: Announcing to you FRESHSTATUS( ). A statuspage builder FREE forever. You can create your branded status pages in just 1-click and we host it for you & allow you to post unlimited incidents, maintenance updates to your customers in realtime & all this is FREE. Freshstatus also enables businesses to - showcase reliability & high availability % of websites, servers, apis etc - keep all internal stakeholders like support teams, website teams updated about system statuses & outages - get insights and analytics from the incidents like how frequently outages happen & how is the mean time to resolve incidents improving over time etc. Freshstatus allows you to setup unlimited services, incidents and maintenance updates and lets you have up to 250 subscribers, 5 users & unlimited internal team members. We're in early-access phase, please bear with us, if you see any issues. We are actively working on improving Freshstatus as we speak. Do give Freshstatus a try & help us improve the product. Feel free to share your inputs via comments below or via in-app chat on - What you love about the product - What you want us to improve in the product Looking forward to your honest comments & suggestions below. Sincerely, Shyam (Product Maker @freshworksinc )
@freshping @statuspageio @freshworksinc @connectshyam When will integration with Freshping be available? Will this integration be free or paid?
@freshping @freshworksinc @jhult we are working on the freshping integration, should be out within a month. We haven't yet decided on the pricing plan for this integration yet. @jhult Could you elaborate the usecases you are expecting in the freshping integration ? It will help us improve the integration.
@connectshyam Freshping has its own status page functionality. If the integration is free, then I'd drop the Freshping status page and report similar status info using Freshstatus.
@jhult Got it. Thats our intent as well. Freshping status page is very limited, you can't post any manual updates. The page is fully automated. Freshping is really strong at monitoring & alerting. Our customers wanted full control of their status pages, when to communicate a service as down or up, what note should go along with it etc. Hence we decided to spin freshstatus as a separate product. Once we have the freshping integration, you won't need the freshping powered statuspages. Will be sending all our customers an update via email as soon as we have the integration in place. Thanks for sharing the usecase.
@freshping @freshworksinc @connectshyam You are doing a wonderful job. Thanks alot for empowering all small businesses.
Looks interesting. I'm confused by all the different types of people though. Can you explain the difference between a subscriber, user and internal team member?
@luckyrat Thanks for asking. We will improve the language, if its confusing.
@luckyrat Subscribers: are your end customers whom you want to keep notified whenever a service is down or when you plan a maintenance, who usually subscribe to your statuspage themselves or you can add them manually using your admin settings.
@luckyrat Users are people in your team, who will be able to login to the application & be able to configure the statuspage layout, post incidents, maintenance updates etc & Internal team (stakeholders) are people in your team who don't need login to the app but who just need to be kept updated about ongoing outages or planned maintenances like say your sales teams or customer support teams etc. As i mentioned, we will rework the names "subscribers, users, internal team members" if this is confusing. Thanks for sharing.
@luckyrat Do keep sharing your inputs, we are all ears & will help us to improve the product real fast...we also actively respond on our in-app chat, pls feel free to ping us there, if you need immediate help.
@connectshyam Thanks for the clarification. I guess that my confusion was less about the specific terms being used and more about the general concept of someone "subscribing" to a status page. As far as I'm concerned, a status page is a static location on the internet that I can go to when a service appears to be offline. I'd never considered subscribing to notifications from such a page. It sounds like that subscription approach would be difficult to scale - no doubt 250 subscribers is generous for free but it seems a world away from the reality of even small-scale websites with a few thousand users. Can the "Subscribe" button be disabled? How is hitting the limit of 250 subscribers handled? I also can't see how the freshping service integrates with this - I only signed up to that a few days ago and then got an email saying there was this upgraded service status page but I can't quite work out how the two similar services relate.

Got the email with the announcement from freshworks and decided I'd give it a try. So far, with all the quirks that are always part of a new product going live, I'm loving it


Simple, easy to set-up, free as in beer, user-friendly


Still some quirks, normal in a newly released product. Some stuff is still "coming soon" inside the platform which is a bit dissapointing

Thanks @javier_larroulet for your inputs... We will make a few fixes to those coming soon features. Thanks for understanding & do keep sharing any issues/improvements you have via in-app chat widget or via email to
Hello All, Pros: - Easy to use - Easy to setup - Integrations Cons: - Not available for to remove the mark of Freshworks or Freshstatus - Not allow personalize notifications - Not available for other languages - Not available format for text for the Status Page
Hi @valameda Thanks for your honest inputs. Personalising notifications and support for other languages are few things we have in our roadmap as well. Please shoot us an email at support @ if you have specific usecases. We'll be happy to have a conversation on how to improve Freshstatus.
Pros: - Easy to use - Easy to setup - Opportunity to integrate with other services - Offers custom URL integration Cons: - New product; still under development - Not yet integrated with freshservice/freshdesk for link incidents/problems with downtime or status updates. - Reminders for scheduled maintenance can not be set to anything more then 1 day prior - would like options to set custom / more advanced reminders.
@dan_brooks thanks for the honest inputs. we are improving freshstatus as we speak.. Schedule maintenance we have automated reminders 1day before, 1hr before, on start, on complete. We thought customers shouldn't be bothered with more than these 4 automated reminders. If a lot of customers are interested in more than 1 day reminder, we will look into it. Do keep sharing your inputs. Thanks loads
@connectshyam That's great; I will re-post this as a review.