Freshrelease is a modern agile project management tool for teams building software. With Freshrelease, you can create roadmaps, prioritise backlog, run sprints, manage test runs & release great software faster.
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We are super excited to be listed on PH :-) Thanks Kevin, for hunting us! I would like to share the story behind Freshrelease, why and how this product came to life. In the last 9 years, Freshworks has witnessed a crazy growth. From a single product with 6 founding members, we've grown to 9 products, 2k+ employees & 150k+ customers. When you're small, you're inherently agile, aligned and super fast. However, when you scale, it is often a challenge to maintain the same speed and alignment. We at Freshworks realised this and to continue to operate at startup speed even when you are rapidly scaling, we had to embrace a simple yet efficient framework + tool combo. We were then using a market leading "issue tracker" tool for a $50K annual bill but it just didn't help us for our speed. It was complex, slow and did only issue tracking well. We've always believed that tracking issues is just a means to an end. The ultimate goal is to ship products faster & better. We took the problem in our own hands and thus Freshrelease was born. Today, entire Freshworks uses Freshrelease for managing all our projects. We realised there are multiple other companies who face the same problem and decided to take this public. Freshrelease's vision is to be the #1 product that helps teams ship world-class software. Our mission is to enable teams, large and small, to work in an independent, iterative, goal-driven, and fast mode, like a startup. This also aligns with our company's overall vision of helping our customers deliver moments of wow to their customers. We believe that a great employee engagement and experience is paramount for delivering a great customer experience. A lot of our Freshdesk (customer support software) and Freshservice (ITSM software) customers are technology/software driven businesses. In many cases, to solve an issue reported by customers, agents need to work with their engineering teams, maybe fix a bug or release a new feature. Bringing support agents and engineering on the same platform via seamless integration with Freshrelease helps Freshworks take a step further in our mission of enabling our customers provide a great overall experience to their customers. Check us out and let us know what you think. We have roadmaps, backlog, sprints, insights, testing & releases - all-in-one for end to end software development. How do you manage and track your software projects today? What are some practices you follow to be agile, nimble and aligned? Would love hear your thoughts!
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This is really legit
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This is cool! We just use spreadsheets, how do we push data to this tool?
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@radheshyamrk awesome, will try it out.
Looks very intuitive and could very well be the one-stop solution for all our software project management needs. Kudos to the team and will look forward to the updates!
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@arvindg Thank you!!! We will definitely keep you posted :)
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Intuitive UI! Great to see this from Freshworks. Kudos guys! I When can I see Slack integrations? Can i integrate my automation testing with release?
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@lucky_singh4 Thanks for the feedback :) We have slack integration in our immediate roadmap. You can integrate your automation suite with test management in Freshrelease using our APIs.
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@lucky_singh4 @radheshyamrk "immediate" meaning ? 4 months later I cannot see the Slack integration yet... or not even a Zapier integration to connect that way ... let us know! :)