An all-in-one conversion optimization suite

Freshmarketer is an all-in-one conversion suite. Convert your website visitors through highly robust conversion optimization techniques.

  • Marco Ponce
    Marco PonceMarketer




    This tool has displaced optimizely x and hotjar for us for the following reasons.

    - More affordable

    - Can heatmap single page apps/forms

    - Can detect most forms on the market better than the likes of formismo for analytics with custom event fires

    - Delivers an enterprise feature from Optimizely for add custom attributes to test user on split testing.

    - Did I say more affordable?

    This is our ONE tool that can do it all for qualitative and quantaitive insights on our CRO program.

    Thanks Freshmarketer (formerly known as zarget) and I hope to help provide you further feedback to continue making your product better for us and the world.

    Marco Ponce has used this product for one month.
  • Elliott F
    Elliott FWeb Manager - Rewards4

    The personalisation & A/B testing tools are really powerful & the customer support is excellent.


    I can't think of any!

    I had a choice between a number of A/B testing tools and decided to go with Freshmarketer as it had some nice features and allowed cross domain testing.

    After using the tools for over a year it has just been getting better and better. New tools have been added such as session replay & personalisation which was at the heart of our Black friday campaign this year.

    I highly recommend Freshmarketer to anyone who needs a powerful all in one UX optimization tool.

    Elliott F has used this product for one year.
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NaveenMaker@contactnaveen · Product Head at Freshworks.
We are very excited to be on ProductHunt. Thanks Kevin @kwdinc for the hunt :) Freshmarketer is an All-in-One Conversion Rate Optimization tool with capabilities to Analyze, Optimize, Engage and Personalize the experience of website visitors. With Freshmarketer, marketers can understand why the visitors leave their website (through Funnel Analysis), decode the visitors behaviour (through Session Recording and Heatmaps), smartly engage with them (through Polls & Feedback), optimize and also personalize their experience (through A/B Testing and Personalization). An end-to-end package for all their CRO needs. (After the acquisition of Zarget by Freshworks, Zarget has been rebranded as Freshmarketer with improved conversion optimization techniques.) Some of the key updates of this launch include - - Freshmarketer helps marketers focus on optimizing website conversions effortlessly through its powerful Chrome Extension. - The ability to view real time data of visitor interactions on your website. - Personalization - You’ll be able to target and deliver tailored content and experiences that delight your website visitors which helps to accelerate the conversion rate. - Freshmarketer for agencies- Analyze your client’s website with Multi-Account Management at ease. - Session replay with enhanced security is now out of beta to help you view your visitor’s journey. Product Hunters and Makers, we’re geared up for our fresh avatar! And we are super happy to provide 20% off on your first purchase :) (use PH-OFFER at checkout)
Filippo Mursia
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
I'm a big fan since Zarget! Easy to use, very nice new interface and their "help team" is always available. Top!
NaveenMaker@contactnaveen · Product Head at Freshworks.
@mrdobelina Thanks for the comment. Customers like you are really a motivational factor for us to take the product to completely a different level :)