Forms by Cliq

Build highly interactive and multi staged forms in Cliq

Transform workflows with dynamic forms

Create forms that do much more than data collection—right within your chat window.

Whether you want to kick start an internal survey, delegate a task, create a lead in CRM, or run a quick poll, there's an input type that'll work for your purpose.

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Hey, Product Hunt! Thanks @Kevin for hunting us. I'm excited to share what we've been working on to simplify your business workflows and centralize them in one single platform—Cliq. Forms allow you to work with multiple pieces of information at one go! Creating a survey, assigning a task in your project management software, raising a request with your IT team, or anything else that requires you to perform a multistep task, across single or multiple applications— Forms can do it all. A quick rundown of the uniquely powerful features of Forms 1. Dynamic - The dropdown menu can be populated based on the users' search 2. Variety Inputs - They support a variety of input fields to let you custom craft your form. From basic single line texts, date picker, there's an input field to suit your purpose. 3. Multistaged - You can build your own set of forms to work with complex workflows. 4. Aware of your workplace - Intelligent and natively integrated with your Organization layout in Cliq. 5. Fully responsive - Completely compatible with your Android or iOS device! More details on our blog: For sample code snippets head over to our developer guide: This has been a labor of love for nearly a year, and we'd love to hear what you think in the comments below! We will be around to answer any questions you might have. We would also love to know how you would use forms to simplify your business workflows!
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I really do not envision a business working w/o a collaboration platform somehow integrated to your existing CRM or ERP . Our business today would simply not function w/o Cliq . Now with this new dynamic forms feature we feel that any comparable product in the market will just become old school collaboration.
@cloudmobilebi Hi there! Thank you for your kind words. We completely agree that a business messaging software should be integrated with your regular workday apps, especially CRM. 1. Search & Pull information of a sales order 2. Updating the progress of a deal based on a channel discussion 3. Schedule a call based on your availability 4. Adding a message directly as a note to a lead These are some scenarios that can be achieved with integrating Cliq Forms and your CRM software. Let us know the first thing you look for in such integrations.

Very useful tool for our company!


Easy to use


Not enough know on the market

Voila! I have been using Cliq bots for almost a year and a half for automating our workflows. Forms give us an advantage in bringing the native feel of accessing any integration with a third party application. Kudos to the entire team 😁
Thank you for your kind words, @ralph_martin!

Love the possibility to create bots!


Great Product with a lot of possibilities