Figma / Framer Integration

Now you can import Figma files into Framer.

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Dylan Field
CEO, Figma
Hi! I’m Dylan, the co-founder of Figma. After releasing Figma in beta last December, our top request has been adding support for various prototyping tools. Of these tools, we heard the most demand for Framer. Today we are launching an integration so you can use Figma and Framer together seamlessly. Figma is still in beta, but we will give access to anyone who requests access through this link today: Check it out, we would love to hear what you think!
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Jonathan Simcoe
Futurist, with reservations. //////\
@zoink Congrats you guys! So excited that you shipped this and are investing heavily in the design community and integrating with quality tools like Framer. This is paving the way for a better future for product designers! 🚀
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Koen Bok
Maker of Framer
Hey everyone. Happy to announce Figma support in Framer. You can now bring your Figma designs to life in Framer and keep iterating until they are perfect. Happy to answer any questions. Also make sure to join the Framer group if you haven't yet. We hang out there all the time to help too:
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As a designer, these are two of my favorite design tools, and I'm incredibly exited that they're now integrated. Being able to more seamlessly move from mock ups in Figma to prototypes in Framer is a huge time saver!
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Brad Simpson
Product design @medium
So excited to now be able to work entirely within Figma now. This was a big missing piece in my workflow, so I'm pretty excited to be able to now move even faster from concept -> prototype all within Figma. Nice work!
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Jake Marsh
I got to try this out last week and was very impressed. I was able to draw out some content in Figma, click a thing, and start animating it in Framer. I can see workflows like this taking off in a big way, cheers!
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