Figma 1.0

The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration

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Looks awesome! Not sure it'll replace Fireworks for me though tbh.
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This was obviously a joke for the record ;)
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@padday I laughed out loud :)
@padday Hey man, I loved Fireworks! (still do!)
@padday I didn't think so............ 😆
@padday I almost raged. Some people still think like this and won't move away from Fireworks.
I've been using Figma for several months now to design some personal projects and its really outstanding. The product brings a lot of new ideas to the design tool space and its really great to see it evolve over time. I am very skeptical of tools in web browsers, and while it isn't perfect in this regard (I'm looking at you, Cmd+Z behavior), being able to use the app cross-platform, or have access on computers that aren't my own, is really, really nice. Now that the base product is mostly fleshed out, I'm really interested to see what they build next. More visual design features? Prototyping? Those are the more predictable paths, but even beyond those, there's a lot of untapped opportunity for design tools willing to take risks.
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Thanks for the hunt, Bryn ;) After nine months in closed beta, we’re stoked to open Figma up to everyone. We’re also excited to announce that our multiplayer functionality (the ability to collaborate on design files in realtime) is live. Throughout the closed beta, we’ve benefited from a ton of great user feedback. We improved our permission model, made it easier to create teams, added live device preview, built a native app and much, much more. Multiplayer has already changed the way our design team works… I’m so excited for everyone else to try it! If you have any questions, just reply — I'm around :)
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@zoink any thoughts on social design? "github for design" is an interesting idea and i also lowkey think dribbble should be usurped. regardless, i'm excited for the future of design :)
@rometty_ So many! Building a community on top of Figma is something we're all really excited about. One feature we hope to develop is "public components" — the ability to share an asset and build your brand as a designer. If you license the asset appropriately, other community members could use it as well. Also super interesting to think about the implications of sharing live design files in the public sphere and the behaviors this could lead to. By the way, thanks for all your support over the past nine months, Jack. We really appreciate all your feedback — it truly made our product better :)
@zoink 👏 "free for students". What about teachers?
I have been using this tool at Treehouse for a few months now. As a full team we've heavily adopted it in the last few weeks. That is primarily the result of the multiplayer feature. It makes it incredibly easy and convenient to work on projects together. Previously we would all have to work in our respective tools, then use a screenshot or InVision to gather feedback. Multiplayer has allowed our designers to work out of the same file simultaneously and see each others work in real time. Feedback is immediate and we are able to move much faster. Glad to see they have rolled out more extensive documentation, looking forward to that growing.
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I've been using Figma for a couple of months now almost exclusively both for work and for personal projects and it has been incredible. The learning curve coming from Sketch was pretty easy and the adoption at my workplace was very fast. Being able to collaborate in real time with developers and coworkers and make changes on the fly has been a big boost to productivity. Performance has also been pretty good for the most part, but the double whammy of Chrome + Figma does make my fans go into hyper mode.
@rm_carter you could try using the Desktop app instead. I haven't look at performance stats using it instead of Chrome. Also, I'm curious how you're dealing with not having symbols? I have so many screens for my desktop web app design, and it just would be a huge pain to work with my designs with no symbols.