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Help changes its manifestation at every step of the customer journey. Many teams build a great product, spend tons of effort attracting people to discover that product, but fail to guide their users to value quickly.
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13 Reviews5.0/5
We use FAQPrime in Explara and our support tickets have reduced by more than 60% due to inline/smart self-served help. We have been using FAQPrime during the beta phase, and I love the way the product has helped. Before FAQPrime, we used to have default support chat in all pages and also had a support ticket system, and my customer support team had too many things to look after. Plus, the customer /visitor was forced to either chat/ask support queries, rather than engaging them with smart inline help. With FAQPrime, now my support team can gather insights such as most frequent help search queries, & missing help articles and add those articles. We are about to integrate onboarding, which has been yet-another-tool that will be replaced by FAQPrime. I believe customers are smart and self-served help systems increase their confidence that your product works out-of-the-box!
Fantastic product! Its super easy to set-up - took us about 5-10min to embed the code and get started. The best part is that the can marketing team manage the content without the need for the engineers to get involved. Its been a month since we implemented FAQ Prime on our Business Dashboard (Onboarding & FAQ Bot) and we've already seen a 18-20% dip in support tickets (a lot of customers tend to find the help they need). Would definitely recommend to everyone!
@krishi_fagwani Thanks. Loved working with you folks.
Easy to set up. A passionate team that is always available to address questions and concerns. We have been able to use FAQprime in several creative ways. For e.g. we use the timer pop up functionality to show a "subscribe now" message. We use their hotspot feature on product pages to utilize our user generated content. We use the "searched" data to keep refining and adding new questions that people are asking. This app has truly proven to be several apps in one!
Great team and product ! Approach to help users solve queries via questions Vs content stood out. Integrated offering helps a lot as it includes adoption use cases of UI walkthrough guide and smart tip support.
@jay_parikh Thanks Jay, loved working with you and Myntra team.
I have heard about FAQPrime last month from one of my friend and on same day we have integrated FAQPrime on our Skincare Portal -https://thedermaco.com,. It hardly took 15 minutes to integrate FAQPrime and guess what it's doing magic. Beat Customers queries, beat real time user data generation and a lot, all these in very reasonable monthly subscription . Now almost 73% Tickets reduced due FAQPrime AI driven Smart query responder, huge customer executive cost saving I want to appreciate one more thing about FAQPrime- Tech Support, They are so prompt and always ready to help you out wherever they can. 200% support.
@manish_raikwar Thanks Manish, loved working with you and whole mamaearth/thedermaco team.