On-demand consumer research made fast and affordable

Validate assumptions, collect qualitative design feedback, and discover user behavior with your target audience. Eureka is a consumer surveying platform that allows you to run your own market research with everyday people - starting at just 75¢ a response.
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This looks useful for some things we're building at Product Hunt. 🤔
Happy to hear @rrhoover! I was listening to a podcast you were on a few days ago and thought it would be awesome if you commented on our launch… and here we are now 😃 We’d love to help you and the PH team out in any way - let us know.
Hello PH! Thanks for hunting @juliaenthoven! Appreciate all your help getting Eureka out the door! My name is Kirby! We originally wanted to create a high school social app, but had trouble finding enough teenagers to interview. And of the few Gen Z'ers we did talk to, we weren't quite sure how representative their stories were. As we shared our frustrations with other founders, we saw that our problem wasn't unique - interviewing your target audience is tough (and awkward and expensive)! Eureka is a consumer surveying platform for conducting fast, reliable, and affordable market research. Simply create your survey on our platform and we'll find participants for you. Responses are collected on our mobile iOS app, which is used by tens of thousands of vetted people everyday. Our goal is to give entrepreneurs access to qualitative feedback on their ideas, mockups, and features as they build. Imagine developing a product and being able to ask your ideal customer anything at a moment's notice. That's the power of Eureka in a nutshell. Thanks for all the help! We look forward to hearing what you have to say about Eureka! -Kirby & Yang
This is very useful for early stage idea validation - cool product!
@liam_roberts thanks for your support! That's definitely a popular use case for entrepreneurs using our platform.
Just tested out the product earlier this afternoon. I was initially skeptical that the user feedback would be sketchy like some of the responses I get when I use MTurk but the quality of Eureka respondents really exceeded my expectations. Most of the responses I got were very thoughtful and it took me only ~1 hr to get 100 responses.
@christinagee12 thanks for the feedback. Great to hear that you found it useful!
Congrats on the launch Kirby! ⚡️