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Hi All! Big Thanks to @thorpus. One of the big questions we always get is - "what should I say?" We don't want this to be a stumbling block anymore. Internally in our application, we worked with our top users to build out a big library of content. We decided to open a lot of this to the public, so anyone can grab a useful template. Even if it saves you a couple minutes each time, or helps you reach out to one more person, we'll consider this a win! Let us know if you have any questions!
@skeevis nice! What about those unfortunate times people need to apologize for technical issues, why the service is/was unavailable etc., so maybe add a few templates for those?
This is awesome, @skeevis! I'm a huge fan of templates - I have a canned response for just about everything. But I *hate* initially writing them. I'm going to have to block off some time to use this for the templates I haven't done yet. :)
The template for "ex-lover" is hilarious! :D Will more be added?
Great templates!
How similar are these to the templates the service integrates into accounts?