I just updated my phone and laptop, how's everyone finding it? So far for me, stable and not very exciting.
Hey Abi @abityastunggal thanks for sharing. I installed El Capitan on my Macbook Pro and here's my take on things after about 24 hours: Not sure I'd recommend this for your primary work laptop at this early stage. There may be too many glitches that spoil your productivity e.g. Mail becoming unresponsive. or lose your work e.g. forced power off and restart. Most users will find it hard to even see that they've upgraded their OS. Probably worth waiting for full release unless you're an early adopter and want to play. What I like: 1. Split view (side-by-side) windows. I'm using this right now with Product Hunt in the left split and a video on Netflix on Chrome in the right split. You can alter the split position easily. 2. Wiggling the cursor makes the cursor bigger and quickly and easily visible. 3. Spotlight window can now be moved around the screen. This was fixed in position in Yosemite and was inconvenient when trying to access other windows for information whilst using Spotlight. 4. Performance seems to have improved. Netflix on Chrome seems to be running with less processor usage and less likely to turn my laptop fan on. 5. Pinned tabs on Safari provide a convenient way to pin and access frequently used sites. 6. Handling multiple desktops/windows is more convenient and usable. What isn't so great: 1. Mail App - several occasions it's become unresponsive and requires a Force Quit and restart. I've also had the Mail App not showing the latest mail from all of my mail accounts. 2. Netflix and Amazon video don't seem to work at all for me on Safari. Chrome seems ok. 3. I had some weird video artefacts appear and the screen just got all mixed up. Keyboard and mouse were unresponsive and I had to force a power off and reboot the machine.
@prattarazzi Thanks for the details thoughts, really enjoyed reading. I do enjoy the big cursor. I haven't notice any change in performance, though, I haven't watched any netflix on it. Please let me know if I can ever help with anything. :)