Tinder for double dates

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There are a ton of Tinder for X's but this one makes sense. You could say it's a less scandalous version of 3nder.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, glad you like it and yes we do like to think we're a bit more wholesome than 3nder.
i'm going in. who's with me.
@eriktorenberg coming soon: product hunt double dates
@eriktorenberg @rrhoover @kixton we have temporarily updated the site to be a bit more Product Hunt friendly! Haha hope you don't mind
LOL! Well played, @gmacdoo.
@rrhoover @kixton @gmacdoo just temporarily?? it's gold man.
@rrhoover @kixton @eriktorenberg haha lets see how things go over the next couple of days! We will make it permanent if we hit 10k downloads ;)
I've added it to my "For Couples" collection... Swapping is the future ;)
@darrenux Thanks Darren!
Hi guys, I'm Loren, co-founder of Double. Feel free to ask me anything
@lozzagould Hi there! So how did the app come about? how is it different from Martini/Grouper (besides being only 2 people instead of 3)? how do will you get that critical mass of users needed for dating apps to really work?
Love this idea- I have spoken to a lot of friends who use apps like Tinder and Hinge, but still have reservations about actually meeting the person. Being able to bring along a friend might remove that last obstacle for many new online daters. How does one seed the app with enough users to start? I imagine for a dating app, the experience for users is heavily impacted the the availability of potential matches.
@kunaltandon thanks for praise! Exactly, we had lots of friends who were in a similar predicament and this was the main inspiration for Double. Our early user acquisition strategy will be key to our success. We plan to promote Double city by city and gradually roll our across key locales so we have a concentrated userbase in focused areas. Our promotion strategy will include straight up street PRing, hosting Double parties, social media ads, media outreach etc. If you have any other ideas we would be more than happy to hear them? Thanks, Gary