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Our software unifies customer engagement across email, chat, messaging and phone in one platform for a better customer and agent experience.

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Looking like a good product from first glance congratulations Mads! How would you differentiate your platform against the likes of Freshworks to name just one of your competitors?
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@johndesk27 Hey, glad to hear you like the product! The first thing that differentiates Dixa from competitors is we eliminate both tickets and inboxes and instead utilize intelligent routing. This way agents can focus on helping each customer instead of being constrained by unnecessary steps or barriers that tickets and shared inboxes require. Dixa’s intelligent routing uses algorithms that apply data from previous conversations and existing CRM, Ecommerce, ERP and other systems to automatically route customers to the best suited available agent, regardless of the channel they reached out on. Additionally, Dixa is "channel neutral," meaning every customer inquiry is treated the same, regardless of whether a customer called, emailed, live chatted or sent a Facebook message, making communication between brands and customers easier (and the quality of support more consistent). Many of our competitors say they have a platform that supports multiple channels, but their product is actually several different products (one for each channel) that have been built separately and packaged together. Agents working in these platforms still have to switch between windows and the data isn't all in the same place, making it difficult to keep track of customers who reach out on more than one channel. When agents can work in a channel-neutral platform they can avoid having to juggle several systems (or windows) to support customers and they always know each customer’s communication history with the brand across all channels. Giving agents more context when assisting customers helps them provide customers with a friendly, personalized experience every time. Our mission at Dixa is to empower customers and brands to build stronger bonds - as if they were friends - so we make software that can support this type of relationship. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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Hey everyone 👋🏼 I'm Mads, the CEO and co-founder of Dixa and I am thrilled to share our Customer Friendship Platform tech with you all! Our mission is to empower customers & brands to build stronger bonds - as if they were friends. Our vision is to create a world in which all people are welcomed by their favorite brands with the warm familiarity of a friend. Dixa is browser-based and unifies customer engagement across phone, email, chat and Facebook messenger currently. Hope you like our platform!
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Fantastic answer thanks for the details sounds even more interesting to me now actually, do you plan on releasing mobile app for the platform and if so, do you think you will be able to achieve everything under the one roof so to speak?
@johndesk27 We are always exploring how we can build a better product, however the most important place for us to start when thinking about implementing new features is what does adding X solve for our customers. So, I'd love to ask how using our product on mobile would benefit you? 😃
Everything is mobile now I can run my entire business on my iPhone/ iPad including web chat/messages/calls/emails via freshworks suite of apps.

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