Customer Support Salary Calculator

Simple salary calculator for customer support professionals

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"Customer support" is such a broad term, it covers a lot of different roles. This calculator (and the data it is based on) are a super helpful way to get a sense of what people are paid in the tech-support / online retail / SaaS support worlds. It's much more relevant than what you get looking at "customer service salary" in general. There are limitations of course, but as a rough guide to what you can expect to earn, it's great.
@mrpatto Nice work! I'm curious to know if CS roles truly max out at $71k. That's what I got when I put in 5+ years, non remote, tech support, and $$$$ city like NYC. The range seems very narrow! (41k - 71k)
@jasonshen They definitely don't max out there (see for the full report) but they do average out around there. There were respondents at $125k+ on the high end, for example.