CRM for strengthening relationships, not managing them.

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Oh my gosh, I have fallen in love with this product. There is a game to bucket contacts quickly and mass email functionality for buckets. $40 is nothing as staying in touch with my network is so key to success.
@rrhoover I've tried virtually every CRM in existence I think :) .... Zoho, SFDC, Contactually, BaseCRM, Podio, Insightly, PipeDrive, 5degrees, Nutshell, CapsuleCRM, Pipeline Deals, YouDontNeedaCRM, WebShed Easy CRM (Google Docs), Solve 360, BatchBook, HighRise, Nimble and finally Streak and I'm trying Xinbox right now. I swear.... either I'm too picky .... IDK... but none... like Goldilocks porridge is "Just right" ! My main issue with CRMs (and why I find Streak to be the most helpful so far)... is b/c email is the genesis of all my sales activity, and like most people I use Google Apps = Gmail. My sales process is : Email ---> Followed up by a phone call. So I can't stand that if I'm in Gmail... I have to go to another application entirely to continue the sales process. Yes... I know there are gmail to SFDC sync utilities and Contactually "syncs" with Gmail... but you're still having to use another application to monitor activities, manage pipelines etc. I'd like to manage activities such and emails, calls, opportunities, pipelines all within Gmail. Streak is cool for managing Pipelines, and we actually use it for quick status updates on projects as well. But it's not good at tracking activity of an opportunity. On a typical app project of say $50K we might have 5 calls and 30 emails exchanged. Unless you manually track that activity in Streak, it's all over the place. So... we're building CLSR : We want to put everything you love about Gmail into CRM. We want the app to be so much like Gmail that you stay in the app all day. Signatures, Canned responses, Reminders, Calendaring, Labels, Filtering, email tracking (ala Signals) We probably need to make it look a lot more like Gmail than it does today... but it's a start!
@johnhaden did you ever build this? Im curious to hear more as have the same pain points you mention above.
Best follow up tool, just wish I could integrate it into my daily routine better. Write this blog post about it a while back,
I gave Contactually a shot recently. It was a bit heavier than I needed. @ttunguz uses this (and other homegrown tools to manage his contacts -
@rrhoover @ttunguz Ryan, I'm giving Contactually a whirl (found out about it in Chris Fralic's recent blog post on networking) It's beautiful and intuitive but too robust for my needs. What do you suggest I check out if I'm only looking to enter new contacts, update and then maintain them? Thanks!
I try it out again every 2-3 months to see what's new but like you @rrhoover, it's too heavy for me.