Compare Auto Insurance

An easier way to shop for car insurance by Google.

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Ian Mikutel
Sr. PM Lead, Ink & AI @ Microsoft.
"Google Compare has been discontinued effective March 23, 2016." for anyone looking at this FYI.
Interesting service from a company like Google. I wonder how this relates to their self-driving car initiatives...
Clark Wimberly
UX Designer
Seems like everyone starts in California, which feels weird.
Kind of an aside here but somewhat relevant... I used to do a lot of lead generation via Google in the car insurance and mortgage space. It's a great business if you're good at converting the click into a high quality lead. Companies pay top dollar for good leads. A common concern among people who do this is that Google says, "Hey, we're missing out on some serious revenue here. We can generate leads too!" But it totally makes sense that they'd make an effort to suck up the revenue that comes from qualifying customers for high-volume market segments like insurance and mortgage. is their real estate and at $40 to $100+ per lead why wouldn't they do this? This, IMO opinion, is another reason why you should never ever pin your future prosperity on the opportunities you can glean from Google's ecosystem alone.
Nate Hanson
Building Buffer, Co-Founder of Sumry
Looks really interesting! I cannot check it out further because it is not available in Oregon yet. Sad!
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