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Hey Hunters, Thanks to your feedback, we found the biggest problem with CRMs - they are time consuming! So sales people don't like to update CRM and go back to excel So we have fixed this. We modified CompanyHub and made it as quick as Excel. Just like excel, you can add new leads, modify existing ones, add notes, conversations, tasks - all from one place. We added following things since our last release, 1. Quick add and inline edit features to make data feeding real quick 2. Quick actions - Add conversation, notes, tasks quickly 2. New reporting makes it really easy to create new reports without any technical expertise in seconds 3. Mobile apps for Android and iOS to avail your data wherever you go 4. Chrome plugin to provide email tracking from your gmail inbox 5. Setting email conversation sync with any email server 6. Basic quotation module to easily handle your services Existing features of automatic followup suggestions, bulk emails, deal pipeline view, record access control through user profiles and customizing the data tables as per your business needs got more stronger. Join CompanyHub today and take your business to next level. Feel free to provide your feedback/questions here in comments or drop us by email at support@companyhub.com
Looks simplified and useful, good luck!