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This was inevitable! I've even forgotten Slack doesn't have voice calls and then am surprised when I try to call and realise I can't. Skype/Google Hangout/the others are surely going to struggle to compete here I feel
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@bentossell was just going to wrote that. We use video more than audio only so we can't wait for video support, no more Hangout links then!
@antoneliasson @bentossell same here! Really stoked on this!
@bentossell Same here. There's been countless occasions when I've been trying to remember the voice call code only to... duh!
@antoneliasson @bentossell The hangout integration does the trick to avoid links
@bentossell Slack isn't yet in the charity business :) In the free plan (most used for communications outside the company), only the 1:1 call is included otherwise you'll have to move to the standard $6,67 plan. So as long as the free plan only includes 1:1 calls, link based conferencing based on WebRTC probably will be the easiest way.
Very excited about this. Especially the video chat that is coming soon!!!
πŸ‘ 🏻Great (if somewhat inevitable) move from the Slack team! But it's not going to replace Skype for me (and many other people) until there's a seamless way to include external people in those calls...
@mr_ed There was an exodus away from Skype when they were acquired by MSFT. Did you not get the memo? πŸ˜‹
@mr_ed I totally agree with you Ed. When Google open sourced WebRTC (the technology behind Screenhero) I heard everywhere around the world announcing "Skype is dead" ... this was back in 2012! I think calls on Slack is a GREAT feature and the least you can ask to a collaborative platform. However, I don't see 1:1 calls (in the free plan) kill massively Hangouts and Skype. In enterprises, people will still use MS Lync or other WebRTC client solutions like BlueJeans. Ottspott.co offers Slack teams the ability to get external calls from regular phones and allows also to call mobile and landlines with slash commands. A perfect fit with Calls on Slack :-)
@stillupmysleeve @mr_ed Frank, when Slack will offer free group audio/video conf, + mobile I agree Skype and Hangouts will suffer. For the moment 1:1 is great but having to pay for what you have for free with Skype and Hangouts will keep a lot of teams away.
Is this the roll out of the Screen Hero acquisition? I truly miss Screen Hero and cannot wait for it to be integrated into slack. It was hands down the best way to screen share and pair on code problems. https://screenhero.com/
@coryshaw You don't have to miss it. Screen Hero is still around for paid Slack teams. See: https://slack.com/screenhero
Awesome :) we are using appear.in for conference, but this is far more practical. Waiting for video now.
@ludobos same here. appear.in is awesomely useful though.
@ludobos yeah we use appear.in too but it's annoying for external parties - in case they don't use Chrome and then can't screenshare or something. Love how quick it is to get going though - that's the usp